Bellenden Big Lunch

The Bellenden Big Lunch was held on Sunday 19th July 2009 as part of the national Big Lunch initiated by the Eden Project and supported by the Government. It was organised in Bellenden Road by local residents within the Bellenden area (several streets around Bellenden Road). Bellenden Road was closed to traffic between Oxenford Street and Avondale Rise. The event ran between midday and finished about 5.30pm. Some of the shops in Bellenden Road shopping Parade further along the road also took part in various ways.

The Big Lunch in Bellenden Road

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Felix, You and I Skills

The Big Lunch features Bellenden Road in Peckham SE15, tuba, bunting, birthdays , community, carved water melons, food and new friends what a fantastic day.

A Big thanks to everyone who helped make this year's Big Lunch an amazing community event.

You can watch Bellenden Roads Big Lunch here

Bellenden Big Lunch July 2009

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Jack Kelly

On Sunday 19th July 2009, communities all round the UK took to the streets to share home-made food and meet the neighbours. This is a quick little video of the Bellenden Big Lunch in Peckham, South East London. It was an absolutely fantastic afternoon. I can't wait until the Big Lunch 2010! If I had it my way, we'd do this every Sunday! Many, many thanks to the organisers, the musicians and the folks who provided food. Geeky details: Shot on a Panasonic GH1 at 720p50 with the stock lens and a Nikon 17-55mm f2.8 DX. Graded in Premiere Pro CS4.1. All handheld (poorly!) Excuse the shakiness! My Fader ND filter hasn't arrived yet so the shutterspeed was uncomfortably swift.

people & food and the street party

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Juliet Barclay

We had a brilliant time and we hope you all did too.  Thank you so much for involving us, and here's to next year's BBL!

Bellenden shopping parade, location for part of the Bellenden Big Lunch

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This is Bellenden shopping parade, on Bellenden road between Maxted Road and Choumert Road. Bellenden Road is a long road. The shopping parade which also took part in the Big Lunch, is several hundred yards along from the part that was closed off for the street party.

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