Copleston Road

Copleston Passage entrance & exit

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Copleston Passage is one of two short pleasant walks in the neighbourhood unsullied by road traffic. The other is Rye Passage at the other end of Bellenden. This Passage is the exit and entrance between the Bellenden neighbourhood and the beginning of Camberwell around Ivanhoe Road and the well known Hoopers Bar & Cafe. Although a bit neglected, there is a welcome charm to these two passages because they are pedestrian only, and used and known only by locals. This Passage is a pedestrian bridge over the railway line from Peckham Rye station to East Dulwich station. There is a good view of the expanse of the railway cutting that is impossible to get from any other place. It is possible to see how it acts as a fantastic haven for wildlife and their own passageway in and out of the city.

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