Central London radial services - stop the cuts

All the stations covered by SRUG - Peckham Rye, Denmark Hill, East Dulwich, Nunhead, Queens Rd Peckham, South Bermondsey - have direct services into central London through the trains going to the central London stations London Bridge, Victoria, and Blackfriars. The trains to these central London stations take only a short time eg from Peckham Rye, between 8 and 16 minutes. So within that time rail users can be on the Tube - one of 6 lines - Victoria, Circle, Distirct, Northern, Bakerloo, and Jubilee. This is the nearest inner SE London can get to being on the Tube. But it depends on having enough trains coming in from the south from various directions to make this possible. These services are being salami sliced year by year and on the way to ruining the virtual Tube service. SRUG is committed to defending these links.

We must not lose our trains

Help us save our vital rail services  - letter from SRUG in Southwark News 18 June 2009

We must not lose our trains - letter from SRUG in South London Press 19 June 2009

Both on the theme that the services to London Bridge and Victoria are vital for the commercial success of Peckham town centre through Peckham Rye station.

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Help us save our vital rail services

Letter published in Southwark News 18 June 2009

One of the wonderful things about living in Peckham is that Peckham Rye station is like a Tube station.  It is one of the most under-utilised assets in marketing Peckham, as a place to live, to ork and to visit.

It has enough direct trains to central London Tube stations to be like a turn up and go station to the central Tube network. Every 5 to 10 minutes a train arrives that can take the user within 9 to 15 minutes to one of 4 central London stations connecting with six different Tube Lines - Victoria, District, Circle, Bakerloo, Jubilee, Northern (both loops).

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Battle to save train link into city centre

SLP website: Article in South London Press 16 June 2009

Full two articles in SLP: press cutting

A CAMPAIGN is mounting to save a “vital” train service from South London into the centre of the capital. Campaigners say they will “keep fighting” a decision to chop the South London Line (SLL) rail service.

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Campaign petition

The on-line petition is here 

The paper petition can be printed from here

We need as many signatures as possible. So please print out some and carry them with you to collect signatures from other rail users you meet on your travels.  The address to return them is on the petition.


Death by 1,000 cuts letter to South London Press

Letter to

South London Press from Mike Colvin   http://www.southlondonpress.co.uk/tn/Letters.cfm?id=21717&headline=Death

Death by 1,000 cuts    Monday, 01 June 2009

Rod Brown (Letters, May 22) acknowledges that South London is not well served by the Tube.

But he then seems surprised that residents who are thus forced to rely upon infrequent overground rail for their travel, wish to hang on to the limited services that they have.

He then perversely tries to argue that they would be better off if even more of their rail services were scrapped.

What planet is he on?

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'Modern Railways' on the Victoria-Bellingham cut

"London Bridge - Victoria cut proposal" is a front cover headline on June 2009 Modern Railways magazine.  see here: http://www.modern-railways.com/news/issues/latestissue.html

"Watchdog condemns South London service cut" is the article. Read article here

Here is a letter to the magazine in response:

From: John Stewart [mailto:jdm.stewart@virgin.net]
Sent: 04 June 2009 16:50
To: 'modern.railways@googlemail.com'
Subject: Letter for Publication

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London Assembly Transport Committee letter to Ian Brown, London Rail

The Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee wrote, 1 june 2009, to Ian Brown, Managing Director of London Rail at TfL, to request information about the withdrawal of plans for a Victoria to Bellingham train service from 2012.  Extract:

"... The Committee would appreciate clarification of how information about the withdrawal of the service has been made available. It would be useful if you could provide details of meetings with stakeholders where the issue was discussed, copies of letters to stakeholders and any other material made available to interested parties..."

"... Members of the Transport Committee have expressed cross-party support for the extension to the East London Line. I believe public support for the scheme would be best maintained by the publication of the detail behind your decision that it was a better use of DfT funding than the anticipated Victoria to Bellingham service..."

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Don't axe trains - letter to South London Press


From South london Press Letters  Monday, 11 May 2009

Don't axe trains

To transport minister Andrew Adonis, South London MPs and London Mayor Boris Johnson:

I have discovered that there has been a secret deal between Transport for London and the Department for Transport to axe the planned Victoria-Bellingham rail service (via Denmark Hill and Peckham Rye stations).

As someone affected (“‘Backroom deal’ axes rail service”, South London Press, April 28), I urge you most strongly to rescind it and prevent any axeing of the service.

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Scrapping SLL to fund ELL

In Readers Column in the South London Press, Nick Biskinis, from Clapham Transport Users' Group, says transport stratgey continually leaves inner south London short-changed. He says it was never proposed that the ELL would replace the SLL, and if it had no one would have supported it.


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