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'South London Line is our Tube' say campaigners

Southwark News 24 September 2009

Campaigners are imploring Transport for London (TfL) to put the South London Line on the map, claiming it is effectively an extra tube line, writes John Prendergast...

The under threat route is in need of promotion rather than cutting, according to its backers, as it provides a transport lifeline into a 'black hole' in London's underground services.  The Southwark Rail Users Group (SRUG) has teamed up with Laurie Eggleston, Peckham Rye Liberal Democrat council candidate, to mock up a tube map displaying how TfL could promote the route, so people could access Camberwell and Peckham in particular.   see map  Despite the route not being run by TfL it is entirely contained in travelcard zones one and two, and Oyster Cards can be used on the stations on the line.

Eileen Conn, of SRUG, said: "I have lived in Peckham for over 30 years, and I know it is because of the black hole in the TfL map that people don't know where it is. The frustrating thing is that we know Peckham Rye is really just like part of the Tube system, as it is so quick to get to London Bridge and Victoria. It is weird to see these TfL maps showing no connections to central London from Peckham. It is why we are so passionate about saving the South London Line - it is in practice our part of the Tube."

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Boris dismisses objectors' pleas

South London Press 18 September 2009 by Jenny Clover

... Mr Johnson declined to meet a cross party group of MPs, councillors, King's College hospital representatives and community groups who are battling to save the South London Line... But in his written reply, the Mayor seems confused about the complex situation saying "this decison was the DfT's alone ... Read more ...

Southwark News SLLL Campaign Poster

Southwark News 17 September 2009

Southwark News published for the second month a full page poster supporting the  campaign to Save the South London Line, for readers to display in their windows.  See here for Poster uploaded in two halves for download and printing page:  

first half   

second half

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'We can win this one' says Val

Southwark News 17 September 2009 by John Prendergast

The battle for the South London Line can be won, according to London Assembly Member Val Shawcross ... the amount of opposition to it being axed and the cross party support the campaign has ... TfL are rattled and already making a review of the decision...   Read more

Southwark News 17 September View from City Hall by Val Shawcross

... some scientific research has come along to add statistical information that supports our emotional appeal! ... LTW study in the usage of the Line shows how important the demand is ..... Read more 

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'£3.9m cost' of losing railway link

South London Press 11 Sep 2009 by Jenny Clover

If rail bosses axe a "vital" train line it will cost South Londoners nearly £4m a year in wasted time and severe disadvantage for thousands of rail users each day, according to the LTW major new user survey.  Read more

90% of passengers 'will have harder trek'

by Anthony Phillips Southwark News 10 Sep 2009

Nearly 90% of passengers said their journey would be made harder if the SLL was to be closed, according  a survey released this week by a travel watchdog group. Read more...

The report by London Travel Watch can be found here:

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