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Campaign to save South London Line

Thursday, 02 July 2009

MPs, commuters and King’s Hospital staff gather to make their feelings known

MPs, commuters and King’s Hospital staff gather to make their feelings known

THE fightback against the axing of a South London train service has begun.More than 100 commuters, residents, politicians and hospital staff gathered on Friday to rally against the planned closure of the South London Line (SLL). The threatened service runs from Victoria to London Bridge, via Wandsworth Road, Clapham High Street, Denmark Hill, Peckham Rye, Queens Road Peckham and South Bermondsey. Val Shawcross, London Assembly member for Lambeth and Southwark and deputy chairwoman of the transport committee, said: “If the SLL goes it will have a terrible effect on much of South London. We know we can win this, but we need to work really hard.”  read more...

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Tessa Jowell and Harriet Harman attend rally at Denmark Hill to fight rail cuts

From the blog EastDulwich YourLocaLondon 

"The official launch of the campaign against South London Trainline rail cuts was marked by a rally at Denmark Hill today. The cuts threaten to close the South London line (which runs between Victoria and London Bridge,via Denmark Hill and Peckham Rye) by 2012 which would  mean no services from Victoria before 7.30am and after 7.30pm.  The impact of these cuts in an area which has no option of a tube line has implications for us all and I was certainly happy to be able to be there to show my support.  And I wasn’t the only one… the rally attracted wide-reaching support including NHS workers, local campaigners, commuters and many more.  There was also a rare show of cross-party support with Liberals and Conservatives as well as our local Labour MPs Tessa Jowell and Harriet Harman leading the charge. Read more plus photos... and more photos

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King’s backs rail services campaign

Staff and patients from King’s College Hospital will join local MPs, residents and campaigners at Denmark Hill train station on Friday, 26 June to protest against plans to terminate direct train services between Victoria and London Bridge from 2010.

 The plans will mean longer journeys for King’s patients and staff who currently use the Denmark Hill station. The cutbacks will also adversely affect thousands of other south Londoners who travel into central London for work. Read more...

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Campaigners in bid to save train line

A campaign to save rail links from South London into the centre of the capital is being launched this week. Commuters, MPs and many more will gather at Denmark Hill railway station on Friday 26 June midday to rally aganst the axing of the South London Line. Read more...

Battle to save train link into city centre

SLP website: Article in South London Press 16 June 2009

Full two articles in SLP: press cutting

A CAMPAIGN is mounting to save a “vital” train service from South London into the centre of the capital. Campaigners say they will “keep fighting” a decision to chop the South London Line (SLL) rail service.

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Scrapping SLL to fund ELL

In Readers Column in the South London Press, Nick Biskinis, from Clapham Transport Users' Group, says transport stratgey continually leaves inner south London short-changed. He says it was never proposed that the ELL would replace the SLL, and if it had no one would have supported it.


£7m to build Tube station rejected

TfL turns down £7m from Government to build a new station at Surrey Canal Road near Millwall football ground. This would be the station between Surrey Quays on the East London Line Main Extension (ELLX) and Queens Road Peckham on the second phase of the ELLX to Clapham Junction. TfL say they need to do more studies to see the overall cost, as it is likely to be more than £7m.  But DfT (Transport Department) have said the money wil still be there if TfL apply for it. Read more here and here...

'Rail line lost to plug gap'

'Rail line lost to plug gap'  - Southwark News reports on the news of the axing of Victoria-Bellingham service.


'Backroom deal' axes rail service

 'Backroom deal' axes rail service - South London Press reports the news of the secret deal between TfL and Department of Transport to axe Victoria - Bellingham Line


Boris is NOT dragging his feet

South London Press letter from London Mayor's transport policy director: "I was thoroughly disappointed to read the misleading comments made by Harriet Harman and Tessa Jowell (Stop Stalling Boris..) It seems that rather than a focus agreeing a positive way forward ... they would prefer to try to score points at the expense of the Mayor. ....I can reassure anyone that no one is keener for the ELLX2 gets the green light than the Mayor.. " Read more...

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