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a collection of articles & news reports in the Press, broadcasting & other publications about the rail services in inner south London

Mayor Looks to scrap Surrey Canal Rd East London Line Station

More information is emerging about the impasse on the plans for the Surrey Canal Road station. It seems that it has been caught up in wrangling between the Government and the London Mayor on who pays the last £15m of the whole project to extend the East London line to Clapham Junction through Peckham Rye. Read more....

MP's Fight for Surrey Canal Rd East London Line Station (ELLX2)

Joan Ruddock MP is urging the Government not to scrap the plans for the new Surrey Canal Road station. This is the only new station planned in the further (Phase 2) Extension of the East London Line to connect it to Clapham Junction through Queens Rd, Peckham Rye and Denmark Hill. The further delay is jeopardising the final go-ahead for Phase 2 of the Extension. Read more ...

Peckham to East Croydon link is axed before Christmas

An important transport route from Peckham to a busy shopping hub will be cut just before Christmas. Rail timetables run by Southern Railway Group change on December 14 and will remove any direct link to East Croydon, resulting in passengers having to change trains to do their shopping or get into their cars at the busiest time of the year.,news,13325,440,00.htm

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