Public Meetings & Events

These are public meetings or events of interest to anyone using the stations and rail services in the SRUG area

Calling all Train Service users

Thameslink Public Meeting Thursday 17th March at 7pm
Rye Baptist Church Hall at 59a Rye Lane, Peckham SE15 5EX
Next to Clarks, 2mins from Peckham Rye Station

* What are your experiences of this service?
  * Frequency? Reliability? Capacity?

Other Items on the Agenda Include:
  * Ticket Office Closures
  * Ticket Machines
  * Potential New Station to Serve Camberwell
  * Interchanges
  * Disability Access
  * Station Skipping (have you ended up miles from your destination due to this?)

Meeting arranged by Cllr Renata Hamvas

Bubbles for rail line's centenary

Southwark News 3rd December 2009; by John Prendergast   read article

Champagne corks were popped for the threatened South London Line on Tuesday; but they were to celebrate its centenary rather than stopping the route from being axed. Campaigners met at 8am at Denmark Hill station to enjoy some drinks and nibbles, to toast the 100th anniversary of the line becoming electrified.

TfL Recognises Need For Central London Links from South London Line stations

Message from the Save the South London Line Campaign*:
At a meeting on 24th November 2009 with stakeholder groups in South London, TfL recognised one of the main objectives of campaigners, the need to keep radial services to Central London for current South London Line stations. TfL has proposed a variety of short-listed options for keeping service to Victoria, including diverting the East London Line from Clapham Junction, introducing a Victoria-Bellingham service and making current Victoria-Dartford services run all day, guaranteeing for Denmark Hill and Peckham Rye all day trains to Victoria. This is in contrast to TfL's earlier assertions that SLL passengers should take ELLX to Clapham Junction and change for Victoria there.

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Mayor Johnson's view of meeting with Rail Minister

 Mayor's Question Time – 18 November 2009 Transcript: Mayor's Oral Update

Boris Johnson (Mayor of London): … Of course the Members who came on the delegation [regarding the South London Line] to see Sadiq Khan [Minister of State for Transport] will know exactly what happened. I think it was, on the whole, a successful mission. The Government certainly heard our points and it heard the points that we were able to relay to it about the concerns of rail travel users in south London, and it is agreed that the Department of Transport (DfT) will give serious consideration to finding alternatives following the withdrawal of the South London Line mandated by it. In this whole story and in this conversation that has begun about rail travel in south London I think there is a danger that we will miss the big good news point - and I think I am entitled to stress the good news as the Mayor - that the extension of the East London Line, connecting it up with the North London Line, will hugely increase capacity for rail users in south London… 

Does the Mayor then just take the TfL line that the new East London Line is more important for South London than the direct links into central London? Read full transcript here.

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The Campaign Continues

Letter in today's South London Press (27th November 2009) from SRUG thanking all 4,192 people who signed the petition to Save the South London Line. This was delivered to Mayor Boris Johnson on 11th November 2009. He had agreed after months of refusal to meet with us as a campaign. Those present were 4 London Assembly Members one from each of 4 main political parties, and 3 representatives from the rail user groups and hospitals.   Read the letter here.   See the photo here.

celebrate a centenary for the South London Line

TUESDAY 1st DECEMBER at 8am     at Denmark Hill station   (yes 8am!)
On 1st December, it is 100 years since the South London Line became the first in the country to be electrified. The Save the South London Line Campaign is going to celebrate our local London metro service. Join us at 8am outside the pub at Denmark Hill Station for half an hour or so.There will be

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Blame Game Over Line Future


Southwark News  12 November 2009  John Prendergast

More than 200 demonstrators attempting to Save the South London Line (SLL) descended on Mayor’s question time in Brixton to quiz Boris Johnson about the under threat route, writes John Prendergast...
On Monday, the same day as his appearance at a public question and answer session at the Brixton Academy, the Mayor issued a statement stating he would take the campaign group’s battle to a meeting at the Department of Transport (DfT) yesterday.  But as the week unfolded a blame game commenced between the DfT and Transport for London (TfL) about the under threat route... read article

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Mayor Boris Johnson accepts SSLL petition

At a meeting to discuss the need to save the South London Line, the campaign handed over the petition now numbering well over 4000 signatures, to the Mayor Boris Johnson. see photo

TfL Review: Stakeholder Meeting 24 November 2009

 Letter from TfL: 2nd November 2009

 I am writing to provide an update on progress of the TfL/London TravelWatch South London Line options study. ... We are now proposing to hold the first meeting on 24 November (as opposed to October as stated in our initial letter). We will report back on the outcome of the above work at this meeting.  Read more

Transport Head speaks to 'News' about future of South London Line

Southwark News 8th October 2009

1. The 'News' put questions from campaigner John Stewart to Ian Brown TfL Rail chief:

"Why was the Bellingham line dropped?" and several more questions. Read more'...

2. Campaign hopeful after meeting

.. A public meeting has fuelled belief amongst campaigners that the South London Line could still be saved."  Read more ...


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