service: East London Line to Clapham Junction

The East London line has been extended (phase 1) to New Cross and Croydon and opened fully in May 2010. In 2009, TfL decided to switch funding from the inner south London services to Victoria to build the East London Line Extension phase 2 (ELLX2) from Surrey Quays to Clapham Junction via Queens Road Peckham, Peckham Rye, Denmark Hill, Clapham High St and Wandsworth Road. This will start operating on 9th December 2012, and the South London Line, linking London Bridge and Victoria through these inner south London stations, will n he day before. TfL say that more people want to travel east-west in inner south London than to London Bridge & Victoria. The Save the South London Line Campaign welcomed the extra service east-west but disagreed that it should be provided by reducing services to central London.

The ELLX2 has been promoted as bringing the Tube to inner south London and especially Queens Road, Peckham Rye, and Denmark Hill. But the ELL is NOT THE TUBE. It is a suburban orbital Overground rail service run by TfL, linking with the North London Line, and running at 15 minute intervals. It is the rail equivalent of the road North and South Circulars, and not about getting people in and out of central London. If you want to get to east London or south west London, the ELLX will be a boon. But if you want to get to central London it will make the journey worse because it is replacing some of those services.

For explanation of the relationship between the South London Line, the East London Line extension, and the proposed Victoria-Bellingham/Bromley line, see here.

new Surrey Canal station - 'case of when not if'

from SLP 7 September: Private developers behind a huge regeneration project near Milwall in New Cross say the new Surrey Canal station will be built despite Government's refusal to fund it. Read article...

East London Line at expense of South London Line

East London Line’s opening puts Hackney on rail map  London Evening Standard 27 April 2010

MILLIONS of Londoners are able to cross the river by rail from Hackney to New Cross after the reopening today of the revamped East London line. But the South London Line, which runs between Victoria and London Bridge, is under threat from the second phase of the East London Line, which will extend to Clapham Junction by 2012.

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Surrey Canal Station still possible



Southwark News  26 November 2009   John Prendergast

A new train station that would serve Millwall Football Club and the surrounding area could now be built, just months after being apparently dropped from plans.

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Transport Head speaks to 'News' about future of South London Line

Southwark News 8th October 2009

1. The 'News' put questions from campaigner John Stewart to Ian Brown TfL Rail chief:

"Why was the Bellingham line dropped?" and several more questions. Read more'...

2. Campaign hopeful after meeting

.. A public meeting has fuelled belief amongst campaigners that the South London Line could still be saved."  Read more ...


Surrey Canal Road station

Southwark News 20 August 2009 by Val Shawcross

TfL have now decided that the new Surrey Canal Road station, on the new East London Line Extension pase 2, is not cost effective and are shelving the plans. They suggest it can be built at a later date. But this would cost much more, and if the station is not built now with the new line it may never materialise. Read more

£7m to build Tube station rejected

TfL turns down £7m from Government to build a new station at Surrey Canal Road near Millwall football ground. This would be the station between Surrey Quays on the East London Line Main Extension (ELLX) and Queens Road Peckham on the second phase of the ELLX to Clapham Junction. TfL say they need to do more studies to see the overall cost, as it is likely to be more than £7m.  But DfT (Transport Department) have said the money wil still be there if TfL apply for it. Read more here and here...

Victoria rail link traded for East London Line cash

Funding for phase two of the East London Line extension was agreed under a secret deal in which Transport for London specified a reduction in National Rail train services, newly published letters from TfL and the Department for Transport reveal.

Correspondence earlier this month between TfL's managing director of London Rail Ian Brown, the DfT's director general of national networks Mike Mitchell and Sharon Grant, chair of passenger watchdog London Travelwatch, shows that a £75m funding package to allow phase two of the East London Line project to be completed in time for the 2012 Olympics was only agreed after TfL requested a reduction in planned National Rail services from Victoria station.

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services to Victoria under threat

Rail users from Peckham Rye and Denmark Hill currently have 4 trains per hour (tph) to Victoria. They are not well spaced and two stop in the evening. From 2012 we were promised that 4tph would continue but would be at regular 15 minute intervals and continue for a full evening service. This was to compensate in part for the lost direct link between Victoria and London Bridge scheduled for 2012. The new 4tph service to Victoria was to be achieved by a new 2tph service between Victoria and Bellingham through Nunhead, added to the existing Dartford to Victoria serivce through Nunhead but extended to cover the evening as well.

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East London Line Extension phase 2 (ELLX2) update

This service would bring TfL-run overground trains from Canada Water (interchange with Jubilee Line) to Clapham Junction via Queens Rd, Peckham Rye, Denmark Hill. There has been continuous wrangling between Mayor Boris Johnson and the Department of Transport on the last £30m of the £100m funding. These wrangles continue now with the Dept of Transport saying they will not pay their share unless TfL finds more money to build a new station at Surrey Canal Road in South Bermondsey. Decisions have to be made very soon if the extension can be built in time for 2012 the planned date.

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Boris is NOT dragging his feet

South London Press letter from London Mayor's transport policy director: "I was thoroughly disappointed to read the misleading comments made by Harriet Harman and Tessa Jowell (Stop Stalling Boris..) It seems that rather than a focus agreeing a positive way forward ... they would prefer to try to score points at the expense of the Mayor. ....I can reassure anyone that no one is keener for the ELLX2 gets the green light than the Mayor.. " Read more...

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