service: South London Line (SLL) Victoria-London Bridge via Peckham Rye

The South London Line (SLL) is a shuttle service on a U loop from Victoria to London Bridge via Battersea Park, Wandsworth Road, Clapham High St, Denmark Hill, Peckham Rye, Queen's Rd Peckham and South Bermondsey. It is a vital part of the rail infrastructure in Zone 2 in Inner South London. It complements the long distance commuter trains into London Bridge, Victoria and Blackfriars and makes additional links between some of the SLL stations and London Bridge and Victoria. The trains to these central London stations take only a short time and so within short times rail users can be on the Tube - one of 6 lines - Victoria, Circle, District, Northern, Bakerloo, and Jubilee. This acts for users therefore as if it is part of the Tube.

But the rail industry does not see this at all. DfT and Network Rail and the train operating companies are interested only in high revenues from long and longer distance commuter trains, and TfL are interested in only their own overground operated services, i.e. the East London Extension to come in 2012. At that point they all want to cut the SLL and reduce our direct services to central London and in the case of Wandsworth Rd, Clapham High St, Denmark Hill cut the direct link to London Bridge and in the case of South Bermondsey and Queens Rd cut the direct link to Victoria, and for Peckham Rye reduce the number of services to those central London stations. TfL will instead substitute 4tph to Clapham Junction and Canada Water on the new ELLX. SRUG joined with others to form the Save the South London Line Campaign. ----- see here for a comparison of TfL’s vision of the future with ours.

But the campaign was defeated and the SLL will end on 8th December 2012 after operation since 1866.

TfL Review: Stakeholder Meeting 24 November 2009

 Letter from TfL: 2nd November 2009

 I am writing to provide an update on progress of the TfL/London TravelWatch South London Line options study. ... We are now proposing to hold the first meeting on 24 November (as opposed to October as stated in our initial letter). We will report back on the outcome of the above work at this meeting.  Read more

Boris agrees to meet on rail


web report:  Southwark News 29 October 2009   John Prendergast

Mayor Boris Johnson has finally agreed to meet with campaigners and talk through the future of the South London Line. 

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Boris agrees to South London Line meeting

LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson finally agreed during a City Hall question time to meet rail campaigners about plans to axe a train line. Boris said he would receive a cross-party deputation about plans to axe both the South London Line (SLL) and its proposed replacement. He also said he would head a joint meeting between campaigners and the Department for Transport (DfT), who reached a deal with the City Hall’s transport arm TfL to abandon the planned replacement service.  Read more

See & here this exchange on the City Hall webcast - 10 minutes in on Mayor's Question Time here:

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Boris Transport Plans on ITV London Tonight

from ITV London Tonight 12 October   

click here for broadcast clip:

THIS IS FROM THE TRAM FACEBOOK PAGE:  INDOMIE Thursday 15 October 2009 2.50pm
Some of you may have seen this week’s announcement of the Mayors new Transport Strategy for London (not to mention today’s steep bus fare increases too!)

You can read the document at but I’m afraid there is very little in there about South East London and no mention of the Cross River Tram at all [or the South London Line]! There is now a vague mention of a possible extension of the Bakerloo Line sometime after 2020, but this is subject to further research. It’s an option that has been looked at in the past and ruled out on cost and technical grounds – hence the preference for the Tram. There is a real danger now that our needs will be pushed further down the list of priorities as any Bakerloo extension is unfunded and could well fall foul to a change of Mayor in the future. We seem to be going around in circles!

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Boris 'train axe comments misleading'

SLP 9th October 2009 - web report

Sidiq Khan to Boris Johnson 5th 0ctober 2009 - Minister's letter

London Mayor Boris Jiohnson has been slammed by a Government Minister for making "misleading and factually inaccurate" comments.. Read more ...

Transport Head speaks to 'News' about future of South London Line

Southwark News 8th October 2009

1. The 'News' put questions from campaigner John Stewart to Ian Brown TfL Rail chief:

"Why was the Bellingham line dropped?" and several more questions. Read more'...

2. Campaign hopeful after meeting

.. A public meeting has fuelled belief amongst campaigners that the South London Line could still be saved."  Read more ...


TfL boss: 'Cuts to line are saving route'

Southwark News 8th October 2009 carried an interview with Ian Brown The Head of London Overground at TfL about TfL plans to cut the South London Line (SLL) and the Victoria-Bellingham partial substitute.

Southwark News said: "It may come as a shock to those campaigning to Save the South London Line, but TfL claims its plans [to cut the SLL] will actually preserve the route... "  

Read interview here...  and Ian Brown's answers to SLL campaign's questions here

Bakerloo Line extension is no white knight for SLL but an aspiration

Southwark News 8 October 2009

Ian Brown stated that the proposed extension of tube services was part of TfL plans but that they were a long way off fruition.

He said "we are keen on those [plans] , but it would be irresponsible to say it would solve anything to the SLL time scale..."  Read more

successful Public Meeting on Wed 30th Sep 2009

We held a historic and very successful Public Meeting on Wed 30th Sep 6.30pm for 7pm-9pm at Institute of Psychiatry, 16 De Crespigny Park, Camberwell. Over 200 rail users came and saw [click here to see]: a SRUG overview on the role of the SLL in south London's rail system, and heard from a panel of three rail users covering all the stations what the issues are. Then there was a rail industry panel with speakers from Network Rail, TfL and London TravelWatch, who faced over an hour of questions and comments.

read South London Press report   read Southwark News report

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