service: South London Line (SLL) Victoria-London Bridge via Peckham Rye

The South London Line (SLL) is a shuttle service on a U loop from Victoria to London Bridge via Battersea Park, Wandsworth Road, Clapham High St, Denmark Hill, Peckham Rye, Queen's Rd Peckham and South Bermondsey. It is a vital part of the rail infrastructure in Zone 2 in Inner South London. It complements the long distance commuter trains into London Bridge, Victoria and Blackfriars and makes additional links between some of the SLL stations and London Bridge and Victoria. The trains to these central London stations take only a short time and so within short times rail users can be on the Tube - one of 6 lines - Victoria, Circle, District, Northern, Bakerloo, and Jubilee. This acts for users therefore as if it is part of the Tube.

But the rail industry does not see this at all. DfT and Network Rail and the train operating companies are interested only in high revenues from long and longer distance commuter trains, and TfL are interested in only their own overground operated services, i.e. the East London Extension to come in 2012. At that point they all want to cut the SLL and reduce our direct services to central London and in the case of Wandsworth Rd, Clapham High St, Denmark Hill cut the direct link to London Bridge and in the case of South Bermondsey and Queens Rd cut the direct link to Victoria, and for Peckham Rye reduce the number of services to those central London stations. TfL will instead substitute 4tph to Clapham Junction and Canada Water on the new ELLX. SRUG joined with others to form the Save the South London Line Campaign. ----- see here for a comparison of TfL’s vision of the future with ours.

But the campaign was defeated and the SLL will end on 8th December 2012 after operation since 1866.

30 September meeting maps & fact flyers

 The public meeting on 30th September 2009 was a historic event. see copy of agenda. Over 200 rail users turned up to the Institute of Psychiatry, at 16 De Crespigny Park, near Denmark Hill, to hear rail user campaigners explain the devastating impact of the cuts in direct rail services to central London, planned by the rail industry, and to hear how TfL and Network Rail explained the reasoning behind these plans. Further reports on the meeting will be posted later.

Key information given to the meeting by SRUG was:


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Mayor & Conservatives agree on need for Victoria - Bellingham

<> scroll down to see this exchange on 9th September Mayor's Questions:

Question to Mayor from Richard Tracey: "I believe there is cross-party support at City Hall for the Department for Transport to introduce the Victoria to Bellingham Line. Does the Mayor have any advice on how Assembly Members can play a constructive part in trying to persuade the DfT to reverse their decision and introduce this line?"

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platform lengths at London Bridge -Transport Committee letter to TfL Sep 2009

Transport Committee's letter to Managing Director of London Rail RTF - September 2009

This letter from Committee Chair Caroline Pidgeon to TfL raises concerns that current plans to increase capacity at London Bridge station do not include extending all the platforms for twelve carriages. It highlights the Committee’s recent report, The Big Squeeze: Rail overcrowding in London, which urged the Department for Transport to fully extend all platforms at London Bridge as part of the Thameslink project.

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'South London Line is our Tube' say campaigners

Southwark News 24 September 2009

Campaigners are imploring Transport for London (TfL) to put the South London Line on the map, claiming it is effectively an extra tube line, writes John Prendergast...

The under threat route is in need of promotion rather than cutting, according to its backers, as it provides a transport lifeline into a 'black hole' in London's underground services.  The Southwark Rail Users Group (SRUG) has teamed up with Laurie Eggleston, Peckham Rye Liberal Democrat council candidate, to mock up a tube map displaying how TfL could promote the route, so people could access Camberwell and Peckham in particular.   see map  Despite the route not being run by TfL it is entirely contained in travelcard zones one and two, and Oyster Cards can be used on the stations on the line.

Eileen Conn, of SRUG, said: "I have lived in Peckham for over 30 years, and I know it is because of the black hole in the TfL map that people don't know where it is. The frustrating thing is that we know Peckham Rye is really just like part of the Tube system, as it is so quick to get to London Bridge and Victoria. It is weird to see these TfL maps showing no connections to central London from Peckham. It is why we are so passionate about saving the South London Line - it is in practice our part of the Tube."

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Mayor's Question time Brixton Mon 9 Nov 7pm - apply for tickets

Mayor's Question time  -   Brixton Academy

London Mayor Boris Johnson will be taking questions from the public on Monday 9 November, 7pm - 9pm, Brixton Academy. He has refused to meet with South London Line Campaigners, so this is your chance to ask him why TfL are proposing that our rail services should be cut. Tickets are free, but are available on a first come, first serve basis - so don't delay! Let us have so many rail users there that he has to hear us.
TO APPLY: email -    including your name, address, postcode, daytime phone number and the number of tickets you require (max 6 per application) OR call 020 7983 4762.

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Selling us short again

South London Press 18 September 2009    Letters

One of the main tenets of TfL's big claim -that the East London Line Extension (ELLX) would be better for residents than the South London Line (SLL) has been finally exposed ... by the recently published London Travel Watch study... It proves beyond doubt that the SLL links to Victoria and London Bridge are far superior ...  Read more...


Boris dismisses objectors' pleas

South London Press 18 September 2009 by Jenny Clover

... Mr Johnson declined to meet a cross party group of MPs, councillors, King's College hospital representatives and community groups who are battling to save the South London Line... But in his written reply, the Mayor seems confused about the complex situation saying "this decison was the DfT's alone ... Read more ...

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