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On 3rd May 2012, Londoners will elect for the next 4 years the new London Mayor, and new Assembly Members for the Greater London Authority. London's transport is a major issue in the election. This includes how to improve the parts of the national railways and services that Londoners depend on for their internal London travel. This is especially relevant for those parts of London which do not have the Tube. Here in inner South East London in Southwark, we depend on the national rail services to get us into London and connecting with the Tube as well as getting us out of London southwards.

Mayoral election: could London’s rail services become part of TfL?

From the Londonist  24 Feb 2012
Earlier this month, Boris Johnson set out his plans to bring London’s rail services under the control of City Hall and TfL in a bid to improve London’s transport.  Mainline rail routes into London are currently franchised to private companies with varying degrees of customer service, timeliness and efficiency and the mayor believes he can do a better job. A recent Telegraph poll suggests that over 75% of other people think he can do a better job too. So does Ken Livingstone, though obviously he’s planning in terms of himself being mayor rather than Boris. Let’s take a look at their plans for devolution of rail franchises in London:  Read more

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