the neighbourhood is on the main commuter traffic routes going north and south through the borough, as well as attracting some unsuitably large commercial traffic. Some streets are very badly affected and others not at all. There is an old traffic management one-way scheme installed over 20 years ago, to divert traffic from the town centre. This itself causes significant problems in some streets and junctions and is in need of review.

Parking Bay with trees

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What could be... One (cheap) traffic calming solution would be to allow parking bays on Bellenden road between Chadwick and Choumert road. This disportionately wide section of road allows cars the space to speed. One way of limiting speeding would be to narrow the road by allowing car bays. These need not be ugly as the photos show and could support the local businesses by allowing customers some short-term parking.
This could also be done on Bellenden road between Holly grove and Chadwick road; where again the road is very wide for a single lane of traffic.

traffic bottlenecks in Bellenden Road

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Mr Patel

The traffic island outside the shops is in the wrong postion. The road is too narrow, and it is too close to the bus stop. It causes a dangerous build up of traffic where people are crossing the road. It is also close to the dangerous junction with Chadwick Road. The cars and buses coming out of Chadwick Road are not fully visible to the traffic coming along Bellenden Road which is often speeding.  It all needs redesigning.

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