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A fading reminder of the past

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A fading reminder of the past
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Time was when advertisements like this, on the corner of Chadwick Road and Bellenden Road, were painted all over the gable ends of terrace houses. They are now very rare and fading and so what to do with them? Remove them as eyesores? Unthinkable. Yet to carefully repaint and restore them would be equally crass as it would erase those evocations of the past which we so like about the area.


We Must Conserve Our Ghosts?

Absolutely! We must preserve those house ghosts. - Each washed-out advertisement being the artistry of a bygone nameless artisan signwriter perched on his high-up wooden platform taking (who knows?) days to inscribe neat diaphanous graffiti. And, like some Renaissance frescoist close to heaven he will have been everso earnest with pot and paint and long filamented signwriting brush to deliver varied client legends he is familiar to delineate from gridded mathematized macketted charts he glances at frequently during the doing of his walled ghostwriting.

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