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New infill: how not to do it (1)

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New infill: how not to do it (1)
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Just what is going on here?   The scale and proportion of the new pair of houses is execrable in the extreme.  I suppose you can work out what the developer was trying to do; squeeze three habitable stories into two, but in doing so has introduced a totally confusing sense of proportion and then compounded it by weak and feeble detailing.  Note the simple assurance of the original houses on the right. The 1950s development on the left at least has no pretensions.  We shouldn't be doing stuff like this today.


Yes this is so awful. Such a

Yes this is so awful. Such a lot of residents worked hard to make constructive comments on the nearby development on the corner of Nutbrook St, and were able to improve that. I wonder how this one escaped attention. Or did people make comments that were ignored?

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