As Usual - Are We To Expect Another Dowdy Rye Lane Christmas?

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Bob Clark

Christmas 2008/9 in Rye Lane as with previous year showed Christmas lights dowdily arranged without comprehension to any seasonal aesthetic as to 'a glorious promenade of glittering lights' that might easily be achievable. Just witness the haphazard hanging of lights where many in-between posts are ignored making the overall aspect ‘mean and uneven’. Notwithstanding, that on Christmas Eve 2008 when my photos were taken lights were unlit at 3.42pm just as shops are about to close early on the last Christmas shopping day. “Yes” lights reluctantly brighten 5mins later at 3.47pm as ambient light level triggers auto street lights to turn-on. Seems like Mr. Scrooge is alive and well in his woebegone Southwark Town Hall garret switching off and turning on Peckham’s “Bar Humbug” Christmas lights. I will certainly be out again recording Christmas lights in Peckham 2009. Will Southwark’s Ebenezer still have his finger on the switch again one wonders?