Sat 8th Dec All aboard for our journey on the SLL

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This coming Saturday 8th December the South London Line (SLL) service will end. It first started in 1866 and has more or less served us and our predecessors faithfully all that time. This is an invitation to join us for all, or just part, of an extraordinary group journey on this last historic day. One of the joys of being a south Londoner is the pleasure of sailing along the roof tops of inner south London on the historic line connecting directly all our local stations - South Bermondsey, Queen's Rd Peckham, Peckham Rye, Denmark Hill, Clapham High St, Wandsworth Rd, Battersea Park with central London stations London Bridge and Victoria - any journey to central London being 20 minutes or much less. Some of those journeys to central London in future will take two to three times as long and be long and circuitous instead of short and direct, and/or less frequent or partial. 

To mark the passing of the service, local rail users will gather at Denmark Hill on Saturday from 10.45am for the beginning of a celebration of the 146 years of our South London Line service. We will then catch the train to London Bridge, spend 20 minutes or so there, catch the train for a full length journey to Victoria, and then back to Denmark Hill for refreshments.
Here is the journey:
10.50 am photo opp at Denmark Hill
11.24 train to London Bridge
11.36 arrive London Bridge & action
12.11 depart London Bridge
12.36 arrive Victoria & action
13.11 depart Victoria
13.24 arrive Denmark Hill
Denmark Hill refreshments in convivial company at
The Phoenix,
If you can't be with us all the way you can maybe join us for part of it or at your local station stop, or at a main line station, or for the refreshments. We hope we will be enough in numbers for us to be a visible contingent and ensuring that other passengers know the historic journey they are taking. So do please join us and make yourself known!
We want to record the events in photographs and short film clips (for Youtube and web etc), so if you have any digital filming equipment in your mobile, or digital camera or more sophisticated equipment do please bring it along and contribute to our visual record. We will give details later how to get the clips and photos to us.
Bring your own hand-held placard (eg cardboard will be fine) if you can, to add to our visibility. Put your own South London Line farewell message on it (in bold black felt tip)! We look forward to seeing many of you.
Any queries please email us. For more information about the ending of the South London Line, and the impact of that, please visit:
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