'South London Line is our Tube' say campaigners

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Southwark News 24 September 2009

Campaigners are imploring Transport for London (TfL) to put the South London Line on the map, claiming it is effectively an extra tube line, writes John Prendergast...

The under threat route is in need of promotion rather than cutting, according to its backers, as it provides a transport lifeline into a 'black hole' in London's underground services.  The Southwark Rail Users Group (SRUG) has teamed up with Laurie Eggleston, Peckham Rye Liberal Democrat council candidate, to mock up a tube map displaying how TfL could promote the route, so people could access Camberwell and Peckham in particular.   see map  Despite the route not being run by TfL it is entirely contained in travelcard zones one and two, and Oyster Cards can be used on the stations on the line.

Eileen Conn, of SRUG, said: "I have lived in Peckham for over 30 years, and I know it is because of the black hole in the TfL map that people don't know where it is. The frustrating thing is that we know Peckham Rye is really just like part of the Tube system, as it is so quick to get to London Bridge and Victoria. It is weird to see these TfL maps showing no connections to central London from Peckham. It is why we are so passionate about saving the South London Line - it is in practice our part of the Tube."

Laurie Eggleston added: "Infuriatingly, instead of helping us and promoting the South London Line, TfL and the Department for Transport (DfT) are scrapping it. We want this map to help people to understand what TfL and the DfT are planning on cutting - since many people are still unaware of the line's existence.  As well as raising awareness of the South London Line, we're also trying to change TfL perceptions of the line and try and make them understand that it's our Tube line. They wouldn't get away with scrapping the Northern Line - so how can they scrap the South London Line?"
*The 'News' was due to interview Ian Brown, the head of London Overground at TfL, for this week’s paper but he cancelled at the last minute. It is currently being rearranged, so if you have a question for him regarding the decision to axe the South London Line, send it to johnp@southwarknews.org