South London Line (SLL) Victoria - London Bridge via Peckham Rye update

The rail industry still plan to stop the all day and evening 2tph service on the SLL, in 2012. It would cut the direct link between Denmark Hill and London Bridge, the direct link between Queens Rd and Victoria, and reduce the trains to London Bridge from Peckham Rye by two an hour.  A major reason given for cutting the SLL is that there will not be enough terminating platforms space at London Bridge station after the rebuilding which is due to start in 2012. We discovered that it is in fact possible to increase the platform space to accommodate the SLL trains, and had this confirmed by Network Rail at the SRUG meeting.

Assembly member Valerie Shawcross who was there, says she has now taken it up with Network Rail, TfL Rail and Dept of Transport, and it will also be included in the London Assembly Transport Committee's recommendations on Rail Overcrowding. This report will be available at the week before the Assembly Transport Committee meeting on 12 February. The continuing strong feeling of local rail users is that due regard has not been given to the important roles the SLL plays in inner south London travel, and it needs to be kept and not stopped. If you want to support the campaign to keep this service make sure you see the Transport Committee's report and email your views to  cc